Saturday, 2 February 2013

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time-C

I Reading: Jeremiah: 1:4-5. 17-19: I have appointed you as prophet to the nations.

II Reading: 1Corinthians 12:31-13:13: There are three things that last: faith, hope and love; and the greatest of these is love.

Gospel: Luke 4:21-30: Like Elijah and Elisha, Jesus is not sent to the Jews only.

Jesus Announces His Mission: A Graphic Picture of Rejection, 4:16-30

The kingly power of God is to be exercised in pardoning, loving, healing and liberation from sin, death and all corruptions. Jesus has not merely read the Scriptures but as King’s messenger proclaimed the Good News to the poor, captives, blind, oppressed and announced the year of the Lord as true freedom. Jesus Christ claimed to be the Messiah, and His claim was rejected by the people of His day. His claim is still rejected by people today. A graphic picture of rejection is painted in the present passage.

1. A dramatic scene (v.16)

a. Jesus visited His home town

b. Jesus entered the Synagogue-His custom on the Sabbath

2. Scene 1: Jesus’ dramatic reading from the prophet Isaiah-concerned the Messiah (v.17-19)

a. The Messiah was to be anointed by the Spirit

b. The Messiah was to preach the gospel (Good News)

c. The Messiah was to minister

d. The Messiah was to preach the age of salvation

3. Scene 2: Jesus’ phenomenal claim (v.20-21)

a. The rapt attention of the people

b. The claim of Jesus to be the Messiah

4. Scene 3: The people’s declining response (v.22-23)

a. First, They were impressed

b. Second, They questioned

c. Third, They demanded proof-insisted He heal (prove)Himself, that is, work miracles-like a devil or Satan asking to prove

5. Scene 4: The people’s painful rejection (v.24-27)

a. Illus. 1: Only one needy widow had her needs met in Elijah’s day-because only one widow accepted Elijah

b. Illus. 2: Only one needy leper was cleansed in Elisha’s day-because only one leper accepted Elisha

6. Scene 5: The people’s true spirit (v.28-30)

a. An insane wrath: A close mindedness

b. An insane insult: To silence Jesus

c. The insane behaviour of the people failed

Thought: When God calls, He appoints; He equips the messenger with His Spirit. The Holy Spirit goes with the messenger wherever God sends him.

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