Sunday, 30 June 2013


Gospel: Matthew 8:18-22: Follow me.

I Reading: Genesis 18:16-33: Are you going to destroy the just man with the sinner?


Jesus Attracts People: The Cost of True Discipleship, 8:18-22

Jesus attracts people by his exemplary life. Many wanted to follow Jesus so he taught the cost of true discipleship.

1.    The crowd was attracted (v.18)

2.    The scholar was attracted (v.19)

a.    He willed to follow

b.    He was determined

c.     Jesus demanded more

1)    Must accept Him as the Son of God

2)    Personal poverty

3)    Must abandon all

3.    The average disciple was attracted (v.21-22)

a.    He hesitated

b.    He had divided attention

c.     Jesus demanded more

1)    Immediate loyalty

2)    A sense of urgency

Thought: Many are committed, but their commitments are self-commitments not Christ commitment.

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