Monday, 24 June 2013


Gospel: Matthew 7:6.12-14: Always treat others as you would like them to treat you.

I Reading: Genesis 13:2. 5-18: Let there be no dispute between me and you, for we are brothers.

The Summit of Ethics: The Golden Rule and the Two Choices in Life,

Mt 7:12-14

This Scripture contains two of the most well-known things Jesus ever said. They deal with two of the basic issues of life.

(1) There is the issue of righteousness. How can a person live righteously? That is, have a right relationship with his neighbour?

(2) There is the issue of life. How can a person be sure he has life, real life?

1.    The golden rule of life (v.12)

a.    Demands true justice

b.    Includes real love

c.     Teaches the whole law

2.    The two choices in life (v.13-14)

a.    Two gates: wide vs narrow

b.    Two ways: easy and hard

c.     Two ends: destruction vs life

d.    Two travellers: the wise vs the unwise

e.     Two decisions: no effort vs seeking to find

Thought: Three things are required of people:

1)    To know what Jesus Christ taught.

2)    To believe what Jesus Christ taught.

3)    To do what Jesus Christ taught. It is not enough to know or to believe the golden rule. We must live it.

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