Monday, 22 September 2014

Gospel: Luke 8:16-18: A lamp I put on a lamp-stand so that people may see the light when they come in.
I Reading: Proverbs 3:27-34: The wilful wrong-doer is abhorrent to the Lord.
Jesus Teaches Three Fundamental Principles of Life, 8:16-18
Jesus gives three fundamental principles of life to all believers both layperson and preacher.
1. A lamp (life) is for the purpose of giving light (v.16)
a. it is not covered, not hid
b. it is made conspicuous
2. Secrecy is impossible: All things shall be found out (v.17)
3. Truth is very narrow (v.18)
a. a person must watch how he/she hears
b. the reason: truth shall be rewarded; but the seemingly true shall be stripped away.
Thought: It is great encouragement to the faithful and a realistic and understandable threat to the lazy and close-minded.

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