Monday, 29 September 2014

Gospel: Luke 10:1-12: Your peace will rest on him.
I Reading: Job 19:21-27: I know that my Avenger lives.
The Seventy Sent Forth : Great Purpose, 10:1-16
Jesus appoints the seventy and sends forth for his mission. This passage tells the Christian labourer how he is to work and tells the hearer how he is to treat the labourer of God.
1. Jesus appointed seventy disciples to prepare the way for Him (v.1)
a. had many disciples
b. two by two
c. saw tremendous need
d. sent as forerunners
2. First, pray for more labourers (v.2)
3. Second, go into an antagonistic world (v.3)
4. Third, trust God and sense the hour’s urgency (v.4)
5. Fourth, guard the message-do not force it upon people (v.5-6)
6. Fifth, accept compensation, but do not seek luxury (v.7)
7. Sixth, be accommodating and adaptable (v.8-9)
a. indentify with people
b. minister to people
c. proclaim the kingdom of God
8. Seventh, walk away from rejecters (v.10-15)
a. any town and people who reject
          1) symbolize God’s rejection by wiping off the very dust of the city
          2) reason: kingdom of God came near, but they rejected it
          3) judgement: shall be greater than Sodom’s
b. any who only profess to be God’s people
          1) illustrated by two Jewish towns
          2) the reason: the works of Christ were seen, yet he was rejected
          3) the judgement: to be more terrible
c. any who have a constant witness but reject: to receive the greatest judgement-hell
9. Eighth, , know that the Christian labourer presents the Lord (v.16)
Thought: Anyone who rejects the Lord definitely will be condemned.

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