Monday, 1 June 2015

Tuesday:9th Week of the year – B

I Reading: Tobit 2:9-14: Tobit did not complain against God at being struck blind.
Gospel: Mark 12:13-17: Give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar-and to God what belongs to God.
The Question of Civil and Religious Power: The State and God,
Mk 12:13-17
Jesus, being the Messiah, the Son of God Himself, saw through their plot. And Jesus now teaches the truth about the citizenship in state and heaven.
1. The false views of the state (v.13)
a. Religion is supreme
b. The state is supreme
2. The sins common to false views of the state (v.14)
a. Selfish ambition: Leads to compromise
b. Deception: Leads to false flattery and destruction
c. Obstinate unbelief: Leads to denial of truth, condemnation
3. Life within the state depends upon God, not money: Jesus does not have even a coin or denarius (v.15)
4. The State is ordained by God (v.16-17)
a. Something belong to the state
b. Some responsibilities are due the state
5. The state is limited in its power: God is due the things that are God’s (v.17)
Thought: Deception always destroys that which is truthful and strong and lovely (Job 15:5; Ps 5:9; Prov 12:3; 29:5).

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