Saturday, 26 December 2015

29 December
I Reading: 1Jn 2:3-11: Anyone who loves his brother is living in the light.
Gospel: Lk 2:22-35: A light to enlighten the pagans.
Simeon’s Prophecy: Jesus’ life and fate foretold (2:25-35)

It was time for the child to be dedicated and offered up for God’s keeping and care. The parents took the child to the temple and offered to God as the first born child. Simeon was a man who loved God very much, so much that God was able to use him in a most magnificent way. He used Simeon to proclaim one of the greatest messages of all time: the events and fate of the child Messiah’s life.
1.     Simeon, a man who walked close to God:
a.     A man who was righteous and devout
b.    A man who looked for the Messiah
c.      A man who was led by the Holy Spirit
d.    A man who was given an usual promise
e.      A man who saw and held the Messiah
2.     The child was God’s salvation:
a.     The source of peace
b.    The One appointed to be God’s salvation
c.      The One prepared for all people
d.    The light to unbelievers
e.      The glory to believers
f.      The parents marvelled at the predictions
3.     The child was to cause the rise and fall of many
4.     The child’s fate was sealed
a.     His fate: to be opposed and put to death
b.    His purpose: to reveal the inner thoughts of man’s heart
Thought: Believers must long for the Messiah with all hope and patience for his return.

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