Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Advent: 22 December
1st Reading: 1Samuel 1:24-28: Hannah gives thanks for Samuel’s birth.
Gospel: Luke 1:46-56: The Almighty has done great things for me.
Mary’s Magnificent Song about God: God’s glorious Mercy & Deliverance.

Mary’s song is known as the Magnificat. It has come similarity to the Song of Hannah (1Sam 2:1-10). However, there is a striking difference between the two songs: Hannah proclaimed a triumph over her enemies; Mary proclaimed God and His glorious mercy to humankind. Mary was proclaiming the salvation of God, a salvation wrought through the promised Messiah, her Saviour. She predicted that the Saviour would be welcomed by those who reverenced Him (v.50); but He would be rejected by the proud, the powerful and the rich (v.51-53).

1.     God was the subject of Mary’s song: she was not singing about herself but about God and his mercy (v. 46):
2.     God was her Saviour (v.47-48):
a.     Had considered her low estate
b.    Causes her to be remembered
3.     God was to be proclaimed (v. 49-50):
a.     His power
b.    His holiness
c.      His mercy
4.     God had reversed the order of things on earth (v. 51-53):
a.     Has scattered the proud
b.    Had dethroned the mighty and exalted the humble
c.      Had filled the hungry and emptied the rich
5.     God had helped His people (v. 54-55):
a.     Remembered His mercy
b.    Remembered promise to send the Messiah
6.     Mary visited Elizabeth for about three months (v. 56): She needed the encouragement of Elizabeth until the fact had actually happened and was proven. Her need for the support and encouragement of her older sister who was probably more spiritually mature.

Thought: God usually chooses the least person to more clearly demonstrate His mercy and power (esp. Gideon, Judg: 6:15; Leah, Gen: 29:31; believers, 1Cor:1:26-29).

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