Sunday, 2 December 2018

TUESDAY- First Week of Advent: Year- C
Gospel: Luke 10:21-24: Jesus is filled with joy by the Holy Spirit.
I Reading: Isaiah 11:1-10: On Him the Spirit of the Lord rests.
The Seventy return: Great Privileges, Lk 10:21-24
The Christian labourer had three great privileges. Jesus was filled with such a joy over these privileges that He broke forth in praise to God. He longs to share these privileges with everyone of us today.
1. Jesus rejoiced (v.21)
2. Privilege 1: The spiritual insight into truth (v.21)
a. Into “these things”
b. God hides truth from the wise and learned
c. God reveals truth to babes
d. such action is well pleasing to God
3. Privilege 2: The knowledge of God and of His only Son (v.22)
a. God and the Son alone know one another
b. The Son reveals God to some
4. Privilege 3: The insight and privilege of learning God’s full revelation (v.23-24)
Thought: The disciples of Jesus were highly privileged to know Him, to see and hear Him and the truth which He revealed.

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