Sunday, 2 December 2018

WEDNESDAY-1st Week of Advent: Year- C
Gospel: Matthew 15:29-37: Jesus cures many and multiplies the loaves.
I Reading: Isaiah 25:6-10: The Lord invites us to his banquet and wipes away the tears from every cheek.
The Messiah’s Compassion for Man’s Physical Need:
How to Minister, Mt 15:29-37
Jesus did two things in this passage.
i. He demonstrated His Messiahship in order to drive the truth more and more deeply into the disciples’ hearts.
ii. He taught His disciples that they were to minister to the needy no matter who they were whether they were outcasts or gentles. Jesus saves all therefore no prejudice against Gentiles.
Jesus showed his disciples step by step how they were to minister to the lost, to the outcast, and to the needy of the society.
1. Jesus left Tyre by way of Sidon (v.29)
a. Went through Decapolis
b. To the sea of Galilee
2. Step 1: Making oneself available to the needy (v.30-31)
a. Being among them
b. Allowing them to bring their needs
c. Meeting their needs: Healing them
d. Result: They praised “the God of Israel”
3. Step 2: Having compassion for their very need (v.32)
a. By observing what they do and have
b. By being concerned over their fainting
c. By being determined to help
4. Step 3: Being willing to use what one has to meet the need at hand (v.33-34)
a. By not offering objections
b. By taking inventory
5. Step 4: Ministering to the needs at hand (v.35-36)
a. Preparing them
b. giving thanks to God
c. Ministering to them
6. Step 5: Witnessing the Lord’s power and provision (v.37-39)
a. His provision satisfies all
b. His provision meets the need and more
Thought: Something always needs to be remembered: the people who are most needful are neglected by men everywhere. When resources are mentioned, many object. Few are willing to give what they have, especially to those who are thought to be outcasts.
These people were so hungry for God’s Word that they spent three days with Jesus. These were hungering after righteousness; therefore Jesus meets their physical need at hand (Mt 5:6;6:33). How many of us esteem the Word of God more highly than food? There is a great reward in bringing the needy to Jesus Christ.

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