Monday, 7 January 2019

Friday after Epiphany, 11 January
I. Reading: 1John 5:5-13: The Spirit, the water and the blood.
Gospel: Luke 5:12-16: And the leprosy left him at once.
Jesus Cleanses the Untouchable, Lk 5:12-16
Some persons are treated by society as though they are untouchable. Some persons are so gripped and enslaved, so depraved and destitute, so different and derelict, so down and out, so helpless and helpless that they become untouchable to most people. But not to Jesus. And that is the whole thrust of this event. Jesus will touch the untouchable and he will cleanse the untouchable.
1. Jesus was confronted by a desperate man, an untouchable (v.12)
a. He was full of leprosy
b. He saw Jesus: fell on his face and called Jesus Lord; he begged for cleansing
2. Jesus cleansed the untouchable (v.13)
a. Jesus touched him and said, “ I am willing-I will make you cleanse”
b. The leper was cleansed
3. Jesus charged the newly cleansed man (v.14)
a. To tell no man: Boast not; watch being prideful
b. To rush to obey God
4. Jesus made an impact (v.15-16)
a. His frame spread rapidly
b. The crowds thronged to hear Him and to be healed by Him
c. He withdrew into the wilderness to pray
Thought: Jesus wishes to touch every person who has become untouchable. The Lord’s Word is sufficient, able to save and heal unto the uttermost (Heb 7:25).

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