Monday, 7 January 2019

Tuesday after Epiphany, 8 January
I. Reading: 1John 4:7-10: God is love.
Gospel: Mark 6:34-44: By multiplying the loaves Jesus shows that he is a prophet.
The Attitudes toward Human Need and Resources, Mk 6:35-44
The feeding of five thousand is the only miracle recorded by all four gospel writers. The miracle is so close to God’s heart: human need. Jesus deals with our attitudes toward human need. He is concerned with how we handle our resources, with how we go about meeting the needs that confront us. The lesson is powerful for us all.
1. Two attitudes toward human need (v.35-37)
a. Individual responsibility
b. Corporate responsibility
2. Six attitudes toward resources (v.37-44)
a. Questioning one’s ability to give
b. Checking to see what one can give
c. Organising to use what resources one has
d. Being thankful for what one has and can give
e. Giving what one has
f. Being careful in the handling of resources
Thought: Jesus Christ takes whatever is given to him, and he multiplies its purpose, meaning and significance.

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