Sunday, 6 January 2019

The Epiphany of the Lord means God's manifestation or appearance or revelation to the whole world. God revealed himself through many and various ways in the Old Testament and now He revealed himself fully through His Son Jesus Christ in the appointed or grace-filled time (Gal 4:4). on the day of Epiphany, God reveals to the Gentile world to show His love, joy, peace, mercy, forgiveness, faithfulness and fulfilled His promise.
we find four kinds or groups of people in the Epiphany.
1. Jesus the newborn king of the Jews and his parents
2. Herod the Great the king ruled Judea in 37 BC and restored the Jerusalem Temple in 40 B.C. He was a wicked king ordered to kill all the newborn male children even he killed his own wife and three children and finally became insane.
3. The chief priests and the scribes knew the scriptures and followed the laws but did not accept the Son of God. The king Herod called them and asked them to inquire about the newborn king of the Jews then they referred the scriptures and said to Herod quoting from Micah 5:2 and Numbers 24:17-18
4. The Maggi or three wise men from the East
Today we must become like the Maggi who were visionaries looked up the star of Christ that led them to find the Divine Light of God. Jesus is the Light of the world and the Prince of Peace and the Savior of the world.
Secondly they set out or started their journey like missionaries seeking and searching for Divine Light to dispel their darkness of life (sinful life or blindness of faith).
Finally they found Jesus Christ the Divine Light and worshipped him, adored him, gave homage and offered the precious sacrificial gifts to Jesus the newborn king of the Jews. Being Gentiles or non-Jews the wise men came from the East far from Bethlehem to accept their own Divine King of the world. the precious gift of gold signifies the Kingship of Jesus, frankincense or incense for the Divinity of Jesus and Myrr for the Humanity of Jesus. Their sacrificial gifts to Jesus never expected in return but they were filled with great Joy when they saw the star of Jesus Christ that led them to the Divine Light. They were always guided by the star of Christ and by God in their journey of life. They obeyed God's command in dream with humility and changed their ways to return their homes without obeying to the evil king Herod.
We need to be like the wise men who were visionaries, missionaries, courageous, humble, God fearing, transformed persons with open heart and mind, sacrificed their precious gifts, followed their own conscious, made a good discernment in the time of dangers, difficult moments and overcame fear and anxieties.
Are we looking for or seeking or searching for Jesus in our lives? What kind of gifts do we offer to Jesus and to the poor or needy in the society? do we give up our own comforts like the wise men travelled many days or month leaving their own comfort zones? Whom to worship today? God or money, power, pleasure, selfishness, corruption, jealousy, violence, hatred, gossiping, injustice, inequality, intolerance, evil spirits..

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