Monday, 7 January 2019

Wednesday after Epiphany, 9 January
I. Reading: 1John 4:11-18: As long as we love one another God will live in us.
Gospel: Mark 6:45-52: They saw him walking in the lake.
Five Wise Lessons for Service, Mk 6:45-52
Jesus wanted the disciples to learn five lessons for service-lessons that would prove invaluable in their ministry to the world.
1. Lesson 1: Crowd excitement is not always wise (v.45)
2. Lesson 2: Prayer after service is wise (v.46)
3. Lesson 3: Crying for help in time of need is wise (v.47-49)
a. Their struggle was long
b. Their fear was horrifying
c. Their cry was desperate
4. Lesson 4: Receiving the presence of Jesus is wise (v.50-51)
a. His presence erases fear
b. His presence calms the storm
5. Lesson 5: Remembering and trusting the power of Jesus is wise (v.52)
Thought: Receiving the presence of Jesus Christ takes care of all problems and trials. He gives the strength to row through all the storms of life, no matter their turbulence and severity.
Motive, objective and personal control are what make the difference. Excitement due to wrong motives and desires can lead  to several problems.

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