Sunday, 10 February 2019

Monday: 5th Week in Ordinary Time-C
I Reading: Genesis 1:1-19: God said, and so it was.
Gospel: Mark 6:53-56: All those who touched him were cured.
The Steps to Healing
A person can be healed spiritually and healed physically (Rom 10:9-13). Here are the steps for both spiritual and physical healing. If a person wishes to be healed by Christ, he/she must take the same three steps (for detail discussion see Mt 14:34-36).
1.    Step 1: Recognizing Jesus (v.53-54)
a.    They recognized that Jesus had come to their land to love them.
b.    They recognized that Jesus cared about the sick and that he had the power to make them whole.
2.    Step 2:  Acknowledging one’s need and believing that Jesus can help (v.55)
a.    The people knew they had great need. They were sick and needed to be made whole.
b.    The people believed Jesus could help; they believed he could make them whole. There was no chance they were going to miss this opportunity.
3.    Step 3: Asking unashamedly and unreservedly for Jesus help (v.56)
The word points to three essential attitudes necessary to be made whole.
a.    A sense of need: sensing our need for Christ’s help is to seek him.
b.    A sense of humility: sensing that our need is really desperate and beyond man’s cure.
c.     A belief in Christ’s power and willingness to make us whole: believing so much that we beg and ask him to make us whole through and through.
Thought: Jesus loves everyone, and he sees the need within every one and longs to meet that need.
We have the need to be made whole spiritually, emotionally, racially, nationally, mentally, physically, socially and internationally.

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