Sunday, 3 February 2019

Thursday: 4th Week in Ordinary Time-C
I Reading: Hebrews 12:18-19.21-24: What you have come to is Mount Zion and the city of the living God.
Gospel: Mark 6:7-13: He began to send them out.
The Sending Out of the Disciples, 6:7-13
Every man has to be equipped before he goes forth, no matter the project or endeavour. To great degree success depends upon how well equipped a man is. This is certainly true of men in the business world. It is also true of God’s servants and disciples. They must be equipped by God as they go forth to carry on their ministry for the Lord.
1. The disciples were equipped (v.7)
a. were called to Him-to be with him, to be sent out and to have authority over demons (Mk 3:13-14)
b. were sent two by two-community life, support and encouragement
c. were given authority-to cast out evil spirits or demons
2. The disciples were in structured (v.8-13)
a. were to live in utter simplicity and humility
b. were to show stability and settledness
c. were to reject any who were not hospitable and receptive
  1) The reason: As a warning
  2) The judgement: Terrible
d. were to preach repentance
e. were to minister to the demon-possessed and the sick-oil is the symbol of the Holy Spirit, God’s presence and mercy, love and joy- today’s sick people whether are they asking for oil or medicines or euthanasia to die?
Thought: Jesus did the three types of ministry or mission-
1. Healing ministry to the sick and suffering
2. Preaching ministry to establish the kingdom of God
3. Teaching ministry as an only Teacher to teach people about the Christ (Messiah) and the salvation of the humankind.

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