Sunday, 3 February 2019

Saturday: 4th Week in Ordinary Time-C
I Reading: Hebrews 13:15-17.20-21: May the God of peace, who brought back from the dead the great Shepherd, make you ready to do his will in any kind of good action.
Gospel: Mark 6:30-34: They were like sheep without a shepherd
The Need for Rests and Its Dangers
Every person needs, rest, relaxation and time alone with God. However, when the believer is seeking to rest, he/she must know there are some serious dangers that confront him/her. This passage shows three of the dangers.
1.    The disciples returned from their mission: Reported what they had done and taught (v.30)
2.    Danger 1: Not taking time to rest:
a.    The disciples worked long and hard
b.    The disciples were pressed by the crowds
c.     The disciples left to rest
The demands of the crowd that taxed the disciples’ energy. The disciples had bodies that naturally required some relief from pressure and rest from labour. The disciples had spirits that required some extended periods alone with God in meditation, study and prayer. They had to be recharged before they could charge to others.
The disciples needed a quiet place to get alone with God not a place of business, commercialism and fine accommodations. Finally the Lord cared about them, rekindled them, consoled them, and He had compassion upon them, so He said, “come with me by yourselves...and some rest.”
3.    Danger 2: Taking too much time to rest when people are seeking help
4.    Danger 3: losing sight of people who are as sheep without a shepherd
a.    Jesus saw and had compassion
b.    Jesus began to teach
Thought: There is a time to minister, just as there is a time to spend alone with God. There is a time to work, just as there is a time to pray. There is time to get up, just as there is a time to rest and relax and love.

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