Sunday, 3 February 2019

Tuesday: 4th Week in Ordinary Time-C
I Reading: Hebrews 12:1-4: Who shall keep running steadily in the race we have started.
Gospel: Mark 5:21-43: Little girl I tell you get up.
The Approaches that lay hold Jesus’ authority: How to approach Jesus
How can a person lay hold of Jesus and his power? This passage deals with the desperate and hopeless person; it shows how the desperate person can approach Jesus and secure his help in any situation.
1.    The crowds gathered around Jesus (v.21)
2.    Scene 1: A rulers desperate approach (22-26)
a.    A selfless attitude
b.    A humble attitude
c.     A pleading attitude3
d.    An extant and believing attitude
e.     The result: Jesus grants the desperate request
3.    Scene 2: A woman’s hopeless approach (25-34)
a.    A last resort attitude
b.    A shy, embarrassed, unworthy attitude
c.     An expectant, believing attitude
d.    A confessing attitude
i.                The cost of service to Jesus
ii.              The 3insensitivity of the disciples
iii.            The confession of the woman
iv.            The result: Jesus grants the hopeless request
4.    Scene 3: A ruler’s believing approach (35-43)
a.    Not a fearful, despairing attitude
i.                Devastating circumstances
ii.              The answer to the terrible circumstances: Jesus’ challenge
b.    Not a wailing, whining attitude
i.                Social customs and influences: to express hopelessness
ii.              The answer: Jesus’ comfort and assurances
c.     Not a sarcastic, sceptical attitude
d.    An obedient attitude: the parents follow Jesus despite the sarcasm
e.     Jesus grants the believer’s request
i.                The power of Jesus
ii.              The amazement of the family
iii.            The thoughtfulness of Jesus
Thought: It is the sense of unworthiness and hopelessness that touches the heart of Jesus. (Ps 34:18; 51:17)

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