Friday, 23 December 2011

24 December, Mass in the Morning: Year B:
1st Reading: 2Samuel:7: 1-5.8-11.16: The kingdom of David will always stand secure before the Lord.
Gospel: Luke: 1:67-79: Our God from high will bring the rising Sun to visit us.
Zachariah’s Inspired Prophecy: God’s Saviour and Forerunner.

Zachariah’s song is known as the Benedictus to many worshipers. It is a prophecy about the Messiah and his forerunner, John the Baptist. The person and ministry of both are predicted and proclaimed.

1.     Zachariah was filled with the Holy Spirit:
2.     Part 1: God’s Saviour:
a.     The One through whom God visited and redeemed His people.
b.     The mighty Saviour of David’s house.
c.      The One prophesied:
i.                   The time: since the world began.
ii.                 The prediction: He will save us from our enemies.
d.     The One who fulfilled the promised mercy and covenant, the oath made to Abraham.
i.                   Enable us to serve God without fear.
ii.                 Enable us to live righteously and serve God forever.
3.     Part 2: God’s forerunner, John the Baptist:
a.     To be called the prophet of the Most High.
b.     To prepare the Lord’s way.
c.      To proclaim salvation: Forgiveness of sins.
d.     To proclaim the rise of the heavenly Son.
i.                   Through God’s mercy
ii.                 To give light
4.     John’s childhood fulfils the prophecy (v.80).

Thought: The crying need of the hour is for believers to grow in the Lord Jesus Christ-to grow strong in the spirit.

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