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Advent: Week 2: Monday: Luke 5: 17-26:Jesus Proves His Amazing Power to Forgive Sins.

Advent: Week 2: Monday: Year B:
1st Reading: Is. 35: 1-10: God himself is coming to save you.
Gospel: Luke 5: 17-26: Jesus Proves His Amazing Power to Forgive Sins.

This passage deals with forgiveness of sins-the important issue that ever confronts man. Can a person’s sins be forgiven? Is Jesus Christ the one who has the power to forgive sins?
1.     An investigative committee visited Jesus.
a.     They were representatives from everywhere: the Pharisees and teachers of the law.
b.     They were to investigate Jesus’ claims
c.      Jesus’ power was set to face the opposition
2.     The approach necessary for forgiveness of sins
a.     They sought help of Jesus.
b.     They believed and had confidence in Jesus’ power to forgive sins and to heal.
c.      They persisted despite enormous difficulty.
d.     They sought forgiveness. The man was definitely seeking forgiveness of sins as well as healing of body. Jesus saw their faith, the faith of the friends as well as of the sick man and forgave the man’s sins. Jesus did not say, “Friend, God forgives your sins.” He said, “Friend I forgive your sins.”
3.     The power necessary to forgive sins: The power of God alone.
4.     The proof that Jesus can forgive sins that He is the Son of Man.
a.     His Word and the fact that it works proves His deity.
b.     His claim proved His deity. He is God, the Son of Man.
c.      His power proved His deity. Jesus spoke the Word, and the man arose. He was healed immediately by the Word healing of the Lord and he was forgiven by the Word of forgiveness. God’s Word proved itself.
d.     His impact proved His deity. The man praised God. The people were amazed, and they praised God and were filled with awe (fear and reverence).

Thought: Jesus has both the power and will to speak the Word of forgiveness and healing to those who seek it.

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