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Advent: 20 December: Year B: Luke 1:26-38: Listen! You are to conceive and bear a son.

Advent: 20 December: Year B:
1st Reading: Isaiah 7:10-14: The maiden is with child.
Gospel: Luke 1:26-38: Listen! You are to conceive and bear a son.
Mary, the Mother of Jesus: Submission to God’s Will.

There is little information given about Mary in the Bible. What is striking is that Mary’s tremendous example of submissiveness to God’s will is an absolute essential for every believer.
1.     The angel Gabriel (v.26):
a.     Was sent from God.
b.     Was sent to the most obscure village, Nazareth of Galilee which was a despite city. They were despised by Jews and Romans (Jn 1:46; Mt 2:23; 13:53-58). They were called Galilee of Gentiles.
2.     Mary was pure, a Virgin (v.27). She never had been touched by a man, not immorally. The Hebrew word “alma” (Is 7:14) means a young woman that meant virgin. The word is used six times in the Bible, always referring to a young woman with pure character.
i.                   Rebekah, the young woman (Gen 24:43).
ii.                 Miriam, the young sister of Moses (Ex 2:8).
iii.              Young women participate in the worship of God (Ps 68:25).
iv.              Young women were worthy of Solomon’s love (Song of Sol 1:3).
v.                 Young women were compared with queens and concubines (Song of Sol 6:8).
vi.              The maiden (young woman) was contrasted with the adulterous woman (Proverbs 30:19-20).
3.     Mary was highly favoured by God (v.28)
4.     Mary was very human (v.29-30):
a.     Greatly troubled.
b.     Fearful.
5.     Mary was told she was to bear the Messiah (v.31-33):
a.     His name: Jesus=one who saves.
b.     His great person:
i.                   Son of the Most High
ii.                 Son of David
c.      His eternal kingdom
6.     Mary was expected to believe the miraculous (v.34-35):
a.     Her perplexity
b.     Her conception: By the Holy Spirit and power of God
c.      Her child: the Son of God
7.     Mary was encouraged to believe: “For nothing is impossible with God” (v. 36-37):
a.     God’s other miracle
b.     God’s great power
8.     Mary was submissive (v.38): Her response was immediate and brief, only one short sentence yet it was striking and meaningful.
i.                   The word “servant” (doule) means slave-girl. Mary was saying she was a bond-slave, willing to sell herself out completely to God. She would posses herself no longer but would give herself completely to God.
ii.                 God’s Word was her will. She surrendered totally to obey God. Here we see Mary’s total trust, dedication and obedience to God.
Thought: Surrender to God is an absolute essential for every believer both salvation and service. God expects us to believe Him and His power, regardless of circumstances and our feelings of insignificance.

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