Friday, 2 December 2011

Advent: Week 1: Tuesday: Matthew: 10: 21- 24

Advent: Week 1: Tuesday:
First Reading: Isaiah 11: 1-10
Gospel: Matthew: 10: 21- 24

The Christian believer or labourer has three great privileges. Jesus was filled such a joy over these privileges that He broke forth in praise to God. The Lord’s heart longs to share these privileges with every person.
1.     Jesus rejoiced (v.21)
2.     Privilege 1: there is the privilege of spiritual insight into truth. The little ones or children represent the disciples of Jesus who were simple and humble in heart and mind to follow Jesus as their Messiah. The Christian labourer is able to grasp the spiritual truth of things because they always depend on God and trust in His power where as God hides “these things” (refers to the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ) from the wise and learned because they are blind to the Lord and to the truth because they are self-sufficient, proud and wise of this world (1 Cor 1:21, 25-29; 2:14) never come to the Lord for help or blessings.
3.     Privilege 2: there is the privilege of knowing God and Christ in a very personal way. Four things are being said by Christ:
a.     Christ holds the supreme place in the universe.
b.     God and Christ lone have perfect knowledge.
c.      God is Spirit (Jn 4: 24).
d.     The persons chosen to receive this revelation are the “little children” who truly seek God and trust the Son’s testimony
4.     Privilege 3: there is the privilege of seeing and learning God’s full revelation. Jesus said his disciples were highly privileged to know him, to see and hear him and the truth which he revealed to them.
In the first reading the prophet Isaiah foretells about the rule of Immanuel who shall be filled with a spirit of wisdom and understanding (insight), a spirit of counsel and of strength (power), a spirit of knowledge and of fear of the Lord and his delight shall be the fear (Piety) of the Lord. He shall rule the poor and people with justice and faithfulness. There would be a true peace, joy, happiness and harmony in the nature, society and at home during the messianic times once we trust and faith in God. The only key to spiritual truth is faith and trust in God.

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