Saturday, 3 December 2011

Advent: Week 1: Saturday: Matthew 9: 35-10: 1. 6-8

Advent: Week 1: Saturday:
First Reading: Isaiah 30: 19-21. 23-26-He will be gracious to you when he hears your cry.
Gospel: Matthew 9: 35-10: 1. 6-8- The Mission of Jesus as the Messiah, His Call & Commission to His Disciples.

1.     The mission of Jesus Christ was to minister. Four things are covered about his ministry in verse 35.
a.     Method: Went forth: He went through all the towns and villages.
b.     Place: Everywhere: all the cities, villages and countryside.
c.      Work: Teaching, Preaching and Healing ministry.
d.     Message: The Good News of the Kingdom. He/she has to proclaim only the message of Jesus and not the message of his/her own.
2.     The Twelve Disciples were called to Him (Verse 1): The twelve were called earlier to be “fishers of me” to give life to lifeless (Mt 4 18-22; 9: 9; Jn 1:35-51). Christ was now calling the twelve to go forth in the fulfilment of their first call. In a sense, we may say they were called twice (Mk 3: 14; Jn 12: 26). They received their commitment call for formal training for three years to be with him, learning how to become “fishers of men.” They received their commissioning call for practical training to be sent to cast out demons with authority...; actually go out to “fish for men.”  
There are three steps in the call of the disciples to the ministry.
a.     The discipleship call: The divine call and initiative takes place first and they followed him. Cf. Jn 1: 35.
b.     The commitment call: Although there were so many people, only twelve committed people were chosen for his work with enthusiasm.
c.      The commissioning call: Jesus commissioned them to go forth with the message of salvation.
3.     Jesus’ commission to His Disciples: it was the very first expedition they had been sent out on all alone. Jesus carefully instructed them for his mission work.
a.     First, go to Israel, to the lost of one’s own house.
b.     Second, preach the kingdom of heaven is near.
c.      Third, minister, sharing freely.
Thought: A person is sent forth by Jesus and the ministry is not a profession; it is commission. Christ calls and commissions. The kingdom of heaven necessitates repentance. The apostles preached repentance (Mk 6:12). Ministering to the needs of people shows God loves and cares for people and the minister is a minister of love and care.

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