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30 November, Saint Andrew, Apostle- Feast

30 November, Saint Andrew, Apostle- Feast
Advent: Week 1: Wednesday
First Reading: Romans 10: 9-18
Gospel: Matthew: 4: 18-22- Jesus’ Disciples: The kind of Person Called:

What kind of person does Jesus Christ call?
This passage shows that Jesus calls the ordinary people who will simply make themselves available to him. Where did Jesus call his first disciples? They were not in a religious centre or learning centre. Neither were they in a position of authority and power, nor did they posses wealth or financial security. They were out in the work a day world. This is not de-emphasizing the importance of religion or of learning, but it does teach at least two things:
First, position and power, wealth and security, religion and learning some time can hurt and keep a person away from God. God is unable to work His power through him or her because of his or her self-confident or self-sufficiency or pride.
Second, God can use and call anyone who is really available with humility, whether religious or non-religious, learned or unlearned, ordinary or extraordinary. The main character or quality is to be available and willingness to respond timely, urgent and effective.
1.     The first men called.
a.     They were brothers who worked together even with their father as brotherly, cooperative, unity and peace in a family.
b.     They were industrious workers, active and alive-while casting their nets Jesus called them to follow him so that they will learn from Jesus and to become a fisher of men or women.
c.      They were called to follow Jesus at once.
d.     They were called to a specific work- the fishers of men and women to give life to lifeless. God’s call involves a drastic change of life and one’s primary profession.
e.     They were responsive- immediately they followed him leaving their nets and old job.
2.     The second men called.
a.     They were obedient sons working together closely with their father.
b.     They were industrious and hard working men not lazy ones-they were mending their nets so that they would mend or lead the lives of the people to the true living God through the ministry of Jesus.
c.      They were simply called to a particular mission of Jesus Christ to establish the kingdom of God on earth and salvation of humankind.
d.     They were responsive: left their livelihood and family with full care.
The discipleship means called to service with humility and obedience to do the Will of God. “To be with him, to be sent out, to cast out demons or evil spirits with authority of Jesus” (Mark 3: 13-14).
“Truly I tell you,” Jesus said to them, “no one who has left home or wife or brothers or sisters or parents or children for the sake of the kingdom of God  will fail to receive many times as much in this age, and in the age to come eternal life” (Luke 18: 29-30).
Thought: Some are called to leave more and give more. Some leave not only business, but families and own land. In some cases, this involves persecution and even the threat of death.

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