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31 December:John 1:1-18: The Word was made flesh.

31 December:
I Reading: 1Jn 2:18-21: You have been anointed by the Holy One and have all received the knowledge.
Gospel: John 1:1-18: The Word was made flesh.

A.   Jesus the Living Word: The First Witness of John the Baptist (Jn 1:1-5)
This passage is the one of the summit of Scripture. Jesus Christ, the Son of God is...
·        The Word of God
·        The Creator of life
·        The Very Being and Essence of Life
These three thoughts we need to understand their meaning. If Jesus Christ is the Word of God, then people must hear and understand that Word or else be lost forever in ignorance of God Himself.
1.     Christ is Eternal (v.1-2)
a.     Pre-existence
b.     Co-existence
c.      Self-existence
2.     Christ is the Creator (v.3)
a.     Positive statement
b.     Absolute statement
3.     Christ is life (v.4-5)
a.     The source of life
b.     The answer to darkness
i.                   Shines in darkness
ii.                 Conquers darkness

B.   Jesus the Light of the World: The Special Witness of John the Baptist (Jn 1:6-8)
John’s role sole purpose on earth was to witness and bear testimony to the Light of the world. It is a dynamic example for every believer. The purpose of the believer is to bear the same witness as John: Jesus Christ is the Light of the world.
1.     A man sent from God (v.6)
2.     A man with a mission (v.7)
a.     To bear witness
b.     That men might believe
3.     A man who was great, but was not the Light (v.7).

C.   Jesus the Light of Men: The Second Witness of John the Apostle (Jn 1:9-13)
The world is in desperate straits. It is full of darkness-the darkness of sin and despair, of sickness and death, of corruption and hell. The darkness looms over the whole world. This is the problem dealt with in the present passage. There is hope in Jesus Christ, for Christ is the True Light, and light dispels darkness.
1.     Christ was the Light (v.9)
a.     The True Light
b.     His mission: to give light to the people
2.     Christ was tragically rejected by the world (v. 10-11)
a.     He was in the world, but he was rejected
b.     He came to his own people, but they rejected him
3.     Christ was wonderfully received by some (v. 12-13)
a.     How: by believing
b.     Result: became sons of God
c.      The source of becoming a child of God: a new birth
i.                   Was not of man
ii.                 Was of God

D.   Jesus the Word Made Flesh: The Third Witness of John the Apostles (Jn 1: 14-18)

“The Word became flesh”-God’s Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, was made flesh and blood; He became a man. No greater message could ever be proclaimed to man.
1.     Jesus Christ, Incarnation: Christ became flesh (v. 14):
The incarnation did take place. He came to earth in the person of Jesus Christ. The word “flesh” (sarx) is the same word that Paul used to describe man’s nature with all its weakness and tendency to sin (1Cor 3:1-4; 15:42-44; Rom 5: 12-21; 8:1f; 2Pet 1:4 etc). This is a staggering thought. Jesus Christ is God-fully God, yet Jesus Christ is a man-fully man (cf 1Jn 4:2-3). Jesus Christ (the Word) became flesh to correct and to counteract the corruption of flesh (2Pet 1:4; 1Pet 1:18-19, 23-25; Jn 3:16). He became flesh in order to become “a life giving spirit”, the Saviour who could quicken and make alive all those who would trust Him (1Cor 15:45; 1Pet 3:18; Rom 8: 11 Eph 2: 4-5).
2.     Proof 1: the first proof of the incarnation is that Jesus Christ dwelt visibly among us (v.14)
a.     His glory (shekinah) which means that which dwells or dwelling- bright clouds-OT. Ex 40:34-38)  was seen
b.     Full of grace and truth
3.     Proof 2: the second proof of the incarnation is John the Baptist bore witness of the superiority of Christ (v.15)
4.     Proof 3: the third proof of the incarnation is the fullness and grace of Christ which was given to us. Men have received the fullness and grace of Christ
a.     Not by law
b.     By Jesus Christ
5.     Proof 4: the fourth proof of the incarnation of Christ- God’s Son alone has seen God (v. 18)
Thought: The message is Christ, the Light of the World.

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