Tuesday, 21 April 2015

I Reading: Acts 9:1-20: This man is my chosen instrument to bring my name before pagans.
Gospel: John 6:52-59: My flesh is real food and my blood is real drink.
The Results of Partaking of the Bread of Life, Jn 6:52-58
A person must receive and partake of the Bread of Life. When he/she does, he/she receives five wonderful things.
1.     The religionists were perplexed over Jesus’ words (v.52-53)
a.     They questioned partaking of His flesh
b.    Jesus proclaimed a much more shocking thing: unless one partakes of Him, he/she does not have life
2.     Result 1: eternal life-conquering death and being resurrected (v.54)
3.     Result 2: true not false satisfaction (v.55)
4.     Result 3: supernatural companionship and fellowship (v.56)
5.     Result 4: a life that is full of purpose and meaning (v.57)
6.     Result 5: incorruptible food received with in the heart-energizing life forever (v.58)
Thought: Unless a person receives (eats and drinks) Christ, he/she has no life within him. He/she is a dead person spiritually and eternally. He/she is walking around a dead person. (Eph 2:1; 5:14; Col 2:13, 1Tim 5:6; Rev3:1)

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