Saturday, 11 April 2015

I Reading: Acts 6:1-7: They elected seven men full of the Holy Spirit.
Gospel: 6:16-21: They saw Jesus walking on the lake.
Jesus Walks on Water: The Deliverance from Fear
Jesus Christ is the great deliverer from fear. He is definitely revealed as the great deliverer in this experience.
1.     The disciples set sail to cross the lake (v.16)
2.     The causes of fear (v.17-19)
a.     Being in the dark
b.    Being without Jesus
c.      Being caught in a storm
d.    Being tired and gripped with a sense of horror, of impeding death
3.     The answer to fear (v.20-21)
a.     The presence and Word of Jesus: “I AM”
b.    Receiving the presence of Jesus
c.      The result: deliverance through the storms of life

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