Saturday, 11 April 2015


I Reading: Acts 3:1-10: I will give you what I have: in the name of Jesus stand up and walk!
Luke 24:13-35: They recognized Jesus at the breaking of bread.

Jesus’ Appearance to Two Believers on the Road to Emmaus:
An Immortal Journey
This is on the most beloved accounts of the resurrection story. It is an account of Jesus’ helping two ordinary persons who had lost hope and fallen into the pit of sadness and despair. Their experience was an immortal journey.
1.     scene 1: Taking a lonely but thoughtful walk (v.13-14)
a.     they had heard about the resurrection: “That same day”
b.    they thought about and discussed the events
2.     scene 2: considering three critical questions (v.15-27)
a.     Jesus drew near, but he was unrevealed
b.    Question 1: what are you talking about?
1)    A gloomy look
2)    Answer: the things have happened
c.      Question 2: What events?
1)    Jesus’ death
a)    He was a great prophet
b)    He was crucified
c)     He was thought to be the Messiah
2)    Jesus’ prophecy of three days
3)    Jesus’ empty tomb and perplexing reports
a)    Reports of vision
b)    Reports of Jesus’ believing alive
c)     Reports confirmed
d)    Question 3: did not the prophets predict the Messiah’s death and resurrection?
1)    A mild rebuke
2)    His death and resurrection were necessary
3)    He explains the Scripture
3.     Scene 3: Experiencing the burning truth-Jesus is risen; He is alive (v.28-32)
a.     The two sought to hear more: Invited Him to stay with them
1)    He accepted the invitation
2)    He blessed the food
b.    God opened their eyes: they knew the Lord
c.      They had experienced conviction: A burning within their hearts
4.     Scene 4: proclaiming the immortal witness (v.33-35)
a.     The two rushed to the disciples
b.    The exiting meeting, the immortal witness: Christ is risen
1)    Had been seen by Simon
2)    Had been seen by the two from Emmaus
Thought: These two were seeking to understand the death and empty tomb of Christ. Christ was the subject of their conversation. They were seeking the truth; therefore, Christ drew near them (Mt 7:7-8; Jn 8:31-32).
The problem with the two from Emmaus, as it is with so many today, was their short-sightedness and unbelief.

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