Monday, 27 April 2015

I Reading: Acts 13:26-33: God has fulfilled his promise by raising Jesus from the dead.
Gospel: John 14:1-6: I am the Way, the Truth and Life.
Jesus’ Death Delivers Troubled Hearts, 14:1-3
Jesus’ death delivers troubled hearts. The disciples had reason to be troubled and also the believers. So they need the words of encouragement and hope-the same deliverance from Jesus. Jesus said that deliverance from trouble comes through five things.
1. Delivers through trust, belief in me/Jesus (v.1)
2. Delivers through the hope for God’s house and its rooms or mansions (v.2)
3. Delivers through Jesus’ work (v.2)
4. Delivers through Jesus’ return (v. 3)
5. Delivers through an eternal habitation with Jesus (v.3)
Another Outline: Jesus’ death delivers troubled hearts.
1. His commandment: trust, believe in me (v.1)
2. His assurance: God has a house (v.2)
3. His departure: To prepare (v.2)
4. His great promise: To return (v.3)
5. His great purpose: An eternal union (v.3)
The Way to God is by Jesus Alone, 14:4-7
This passage is continuation of Jesus’ departure from this world. It is outlined separately because it is spurred on by another question, this one by Thomas (Jn 13:36) for the first question by Peter).
This is one of the most critical passages of Scripture. Jesus declared in unmistakable terms how a person gets to God, and He makes it clear: there is no other way to God.
1. Jesus’ destination (v.4-5)
a. The destination is known
b. The way is known
c. Thomas’ contradiction and scepticism
2. The way to God is Jesus himself(v.6)
3. The destination is God (v.6)
4. The only way to God is Jesus (v.6)
5. The only way to God is not revealed-unmistakeably
Thought: The destination of Jesus was “the Father” Himself. The believer has the same destination on “the Father.”

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