Monday, 27 April 2015

I Reading: Acts 11:19-26: They started preaching to the Greeks, proclaiming the Lord Jesus.
Gospel: John 10:22-30: The Father and I are one.
The Great Shepherd’s Claims, 10:22-42
Jesus Christ is the great shepherd-great because of who He is. Note the phenomenal claims He made. Jesus Christ claimed to be “the Good Shepherd.” He is not a bad or a false shepherd.
1. Jesus was in Jerusalem at the Feast of Dedication (v.22-24)
a. It was a winter
b. He was walking in Solomon’s colonnade
c. The religionists approached and questioned Him
2. Claim 1: He is the Messiah (v.25-29)
a. Religionists did not believe
          1) His clear claim
          2) His works are proof
          3) Reason: The religionists were not of His sheep
b. His sheep believe
          1) Are receptive
          2) Are known
          3) Do follow v.27
          4) Are given life
          5) Are kept from perishing
          6) Are secure
          7) Are assured a double security in God Himself
3. Claims 2: He is one God, that is, He is God Himself (v.30-33)
a. The religionists reacted
b. Jesus questioned their reaction
c. The religionists admitted that His works were good
d. The religionists understood His claim, but they rejected Him
4. Claim 3: He is the Son of God (v.34-36)
a. Jesus showed man’s inconsistency
b. Jesus’ claim
          1) The Father sacrificed Him, set Him apart
          2) The Father sent Him
          3) He is the Son of God
5. Claim 4: God is in Him and He is in God-absolutely (v.37-39).
a. His works prove
b. He was still rejected
6. Conclusion: Jesus retired (v.40-42)
a. Jesus went to the area of John the Baptist
b. John’s crowds began to follow Jesus
c. Many believed in Jesus
Thought: Who is Jesus for us today? How many of us/missionaries work and die knowingly, willingly and voluntarily for the people of God as a good shepherd in our Church?

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