Saturday, 11 April 2015


I Reading: Acts 4:1-12: This is the only name by which we can be saved.
John 21:1-14: Jesus stepped forward, took the bread and gave it to them, and the same with the fish.
The Great Reality of Jesus’ Resurrection Body
Jesus proved the great reality of His resurrection body. He showed that He really did arise from the dead. Death had been conquered and people could live forever.
1.     Jesus appeared again (v.1-3)
a.     Afterward-after these things: proofs of the resurrection, 20:1-31
b.    To seven disciples who were together: hiding for the fear of the authorities
c.      Peter went fishing: to meet the need for food
d.    A needed lesson: self-sufficiency is inadequate-must know and depend upon the risen Lord
2.     Jesus stood on the shore bodily (v.4)
a.     An immediate presence
b.    A bodily presence
3.     Jesus possessed supernatural knowledge (v.5-8)
a.     He acted on His supernatural knowledge
b.    He was identified: “The Lord”
c.      Peter accepted John’s word as proof and he responded
d.    The other disciple responded and followed
4.     Jesus showed the reality of the surroundings (v.9)
a.     The land and fire
b.    The fish and bread
5.     Jesus showed that He could see, speak, hear and feel (v.10-11)
a.     He instructed the disciples
b.    Peter obeyed
c.      The catch of fish was counted
6.     Jesus showed that His body was real (v.12-13)
a.     He invited them to eat
b.    He was the Lord
c.      He himself ate
7.     Conclusion: Jesus’ resurrection was affirmed
Thought: Every genuine believer experience the supernatural care of the risen Lord. The believer knows the sovereign knowledge and care of the Lord in his/her own life (Mt 6:25-34)

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