Tuesday, 21 April 2015

I Reading: Acts 7:51-8:1: Lord Jesus receive my spirit.
Gospel: John 6:30-35: It was not Moses who gave you bread from heaven, it is my Father who gives you the bread from heaven, the true bread.
The Bread of Life: The Source of Spiritual Satisfaction
Jesus is the source of spiritual satisfaction, of man’s spiritual nourishment. He is the only bread that can feed man’s great hunger, the hunger that gnaws and gnaws within his inner being. There is no other source upon which man can feed and be nourished.
1.     The people demanded proof (v.30-31)
a.     Jesus’ great claim
b.    The specific proof demanded
2.     Christ is the true Bread (v.32)
a.     Man cannot provide true bread: satisfaction
b.    God alone provides true bread: true satisfaction
3.     Christ is the Bread of God (v.33)
a.     He came from heaven
b.    He gives life
4.     Christ is the Bread of Life (v.34-35)
a.     The request for the Bread of God
b.    The phenomenal claim
c.      If man comes to Jesus, he will never hunger
d.    If man believes, he will never thirst
5.     Christ was seen but rejected (v.36)
Thought: Christ (The Word of God) gives life to the believer by doing the five things as bread.
1)    Bread gives life by...nourishing and sustaining
2)    Satisfying
3)    Energizing
4)    Creating desire (the need) for more
5)    Being partaken on a regular basis
Man never has enough. He craves and craves, never being fully satisfied.

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