Monday, 27 April 2015

I Reading: Acts 13: 44-52: We must turn to the pagans.
Gospel: John 14:7-14: To have seen me is to have seen the Father.
The Embodiment of God is Jesus Himself, 14:8-14
Jesus Christ is the very embodiment of God Himself.
1. Philip’s request-show us the Father, a dazzling sight (v.8)
2. The revelation: Jesus is the full embodiment of God (v.9)
3. The clear evidence (v.10)
a. God’s presence
b. Jesus’ words
c. Jesus’ works
4. The clear challenge: Believe the claim of Jesus (v.11)
5. The clear promises: Are conditional-to the person who believes on Jesus (v.12-14)
a. The power to do great works
b. The answer to all prayers
Thought: God’s presence was proof that Jesus was the embodiment of God.

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