Saturday, 11 April 2015

I Reading: Acts 2:14.22-32: God raised this man Jesus to life, and all of us are witnesses to that.
Gospel Reading: Matthew 28:8-15: Tell my brothers that they must leave for Galilee; they will see me there.
The Messiah’s Resurrection: Surrounding Events, Mt 28:1-15
Matthew reports five significant events surrounding the resurrection- events that stir interest and challenge action.
1.     The time of the resurrection (v.1)
2.     The first witnesses of the resurrection (v.1)
a.     Mary Magdalene
b.    The other Mary
3.     The miraculous events of the resurrection (v.2-4)
a.     The great earthquake
b.    The great stone rolled back
c.      The radiant figure
1)    Appearance: dazzling
2)    Clothing: as snow
d.    The guard terrified
1)    Shook
2)    Acted as dead man
4.     The appeals of the resurrection (v.5-10)
a.     Do not fear
1)    Your seeking Messiah is known
2)    He was crucified
3)    He is risen
b.    Come, see: Believe and live
c.      Go quickly and tell: the glorious news
1)    He meets you
2)    You will see him
3)    The women obeyed: with fear and great joy
d.    Greetings: the glorious encounter with Jesus himself
5.     The attempt to discredit the resurrection (v.11-15)
a.     The guards reported the resurrection
b.    The authorities were baffled: divided plan
c.      The authorities bribed and assured the soldiers of protection of from Pilate
d.    The lie was found out: the truth marched on
Thought: The power of God is awesome and terrifying. The guards were totally unprepared and unable to stand against the power of God and His messenger (angel).

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