Saturday, 11 April 2015

I Reading: Acts 5:27-33: We are witnesses to all this, we and the Holy Spirit.
Gospel: 3:31-36: The Father loves the Son and has entrusted everything to him.
The Revelation of Jesus, the New Master, Jn 3:22-36
This passage points to Jesus Christ as the New Master, the One whom God has set before man as the only Master worthy of serving.
1.     Setting for the revelation (v.22-26)
a.     Jesus and his disciples were baptizing in Judea
b.    John and his disciples were baptizing close by
c.      Two basic questions of life
1)    Who really purifies man’s heart?
2)    Who is the supreme master
2.     Answer 1: Jesus alone was God’s appointed Messiah (v.27-28)
a.     God alone appoint men
b.    God had not appointed John as the Messiah, but as the forerunner
3.     Answer 2: Jesus alone was the bridegroom (v. 29-30)
a.     He is the One by whom the friend stands
b.    He is the voice that is to be heard
c.      He is the cause of joy
d.    He is the only objects of loyalty
4.     Answer 4: Jesus alone was from above-from heaven (v.31)
a.     Meaning: “Out of”
b.    Result: Jesus is above all
5.     Answer 4: Jesus alone was God’s spokesman (v.32-34)
a.     He testifies
b.    Some reject
c.      Some accept and seal his testimony
d.    Proof: Sent from God and speaks God’s words
6.     Answer 5: Jesus alone had the Spirit without limit (v.34)
7.     Answer 6: Jesus alone determines man’s destiny (v.35-36)
a.     To believe Him brings eternal life
b.    Not to obey Him brings wrath

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